How does Magnifi integrate with Xero

Xero Integration


Magnifi allows you to import your data from Xero into Magnifi.

This is read-only and Magnifi does NOT make any changes to your Xero data nor does it have any access to Xero login details. Authentication is handled by Xero by which you are then giving permission for Magnifi to request your financial data.

Data is pulled from Xero into Magnifi manually on demand. This means that when you wish to import data you must select the 'Import' option and follow the steps to connect to Xero. Once the steps are completed the data is imported and you will be shown a confirmation page with any data changes you wish to apply. If the data is changed in Xero you must follow this process again to sync the data in Magnifi.

Magnifi does not fetch data automatically. Data is only transferred when you have requested an import and have authorised Xero to allow this.

There are no costs involved in using this Xero import service.

How does it work

Magnifi currently supports 5 types of data requests from Xero;
  1. Chart of Accounts - 'Import' button shown in Chart of Accounts
  2. Employee data ' 'Import' button shown in Employees
  3. Profit and Loss Actual Data - 'Import' button shown in Profit and Loss
  4. Balance Sheet Actual Data - 'Import' button shown in Balance Sheet
  5. Capacity - Scheduled Leave - 'Import' button shown in Capacity Drivers
After you click on the import button, you will be redirected to the Xero website which prompts you to login and select the organisation you wish to import data for. Depending on the option selected above, and once authenticated, the relevant data will be pulled from your Xero profile and displayed on a confirmation screen so you can review the data prior to import. Click on the relevant link above for more information regarding the import. 

Once you have authenticated your Xero login, you do not need to re-enter your login for subsequent imports.

The steps involved are;

Magnifi will capture the account ID on import and use the ID to map future imports. Therefore, if there are any changes to the account name, it will still be mapped to the same account in Magnifi.

If a new account or employee is added in Magnifi, the Xero import will search for an identical account or employee name in Xero and associate a match if found. Therefore you can add employees and accounts in Magnifi which will be mapped on a future Xero import providing an identical name is used. 
The organisation name is displayed at the top of each confirmation page to make certain you are importing data for the correct entity.

How do I disconnect my Xero connection

If you have an active connections and would like to disconnect you can simply select the "Xero Connections" option that appears under the Organisation drop down at the top of the page. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to have a Xero account to import data?
No. You can also import data using a basic csv file or manually enter the data.

How do we know you are doing the right thing with our data?
All data is transferred using encryption. Magnifi is in the process of becoming a certified partner with Xero. This means we have undergone a series of checks with Xero to ensure what we have complied with their standards.